“Gain strength with grace” 

Born in a small town in Saskatchewan Canada, she discovered a passion for dance at the young age of 4. Acceptance into The National Ballet School of Canada at age 10 marked the start of an illustrious journey. Graduating in 2008, she furthered her dance education at Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre and later obtained a Bachelors of Dance from Codarts: Rotterdam Dance Academy.

Her career spans a diverse range of experiences, from performing with renowned companies like The International Dans Theatre and Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Including making a mark in the commercial dance industry, collaborating with brands such as Nike, Asics and Reebok and making a her first film debut in “The Conductor”, 2017.

With years of physical training experience in the studio and on the stage, she began working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach in 2013. With her broad network within the dance world it continued to grow into assisting a diverse clientele in achieving their fitness goals, gaining strength with grace. Currently, she holds the position of Head Trainer at Peoples Place Gym, the exclusive gym to PVH Amsterdam along with training private clients and classes in Rotterdam.

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with love, Samantha Newman